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Catamaran cruise in Roses

Catamaran cruise in Roses


12,00 €

*Paseo Sunset
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Roses - Cap de Creus Tour (adult): 52,00 €
Roses - Cap de Creus Tour (child 7 - 14 years old): 26,00 €

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Enjoy a silent unforgettable sailing or motor navigation, with the stability and comfort of a large yacht. Discover the seabed with free snorkeling equipment on board!

*Barbecue: Chicken, Sausages, skewers, fresh salads, watermelon water, sangria, wines of the region (red, rosé and whie), refreshments included.

Sunset Cruise

Sunset cruise: 19:15 - 21:00 h (1h ½ )

We sail in the Bay of Roses enjoying the unique sensation of sailing, with the sunset - we enjoy a cocktail of Sangria or Cava in a magical atmosphere.

Roses - Cap Norfeu - Cadaqués

Afternoon cruise: 15:15 - 19:00 h (3½ h)

We sail from Roses, along the spectacular coast to the Cap Norfeu, we stop at the “Raco de l'Home” cove - it’s time to swim, sunbathe and enjoy the exclusive environment - we navigate to the magical bay of Cadaqués and we return to Roses.

Roses-Cap de Creus Natural Parc

Morning cruise: 9:30 - 15:00 h (5h ½ )

From Roses we sail along the spectacular coast to the Cap de Creus - we stop in Cala Culip or Cala Guillola - it’s time to swim, sunbathe and enjoy the exclusive environment - the crew serves a delicious barbecue prepared on board * - We sail back to Roses.

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