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Very important. The schedule for events, services or entrance tickets to shows included in any of the packs of Renfe Viajes Ocio are INDEPENDENT to the train schedule.

REMEMBER. Set a date and time in between the departure and the return train, to avoid complications!.

Not Renfe nor Viajes Reina take responsabilities for the lost of the trip because of the previously pointed. .




Monumental and historical hotels

There are places that become travel destinations through which you discover history: they are castles, palaces, old monasteries, that today receive you with all the comforts that only Paradores He knows how to offer, but without losing that essence that has turned them into history.


To enjoy the coast and nature

Close your eyes and imagine a place away from everyday noises and constant haste. It's a landscape surrounded by evergreen mountains, a terrace overlooking the sea, a viewpoint from which to observe the flight of birds over a lake. It's something you have at your fingertips even if you do not have discovered, because that trip is closer than you think. That getaway to nature is in Paradores.


Urban hotels

The luxury and attention of Paradores in the urban environment you are looking for. Civia emerges in order to offer you a hotel where you do not feel like you're passing through. Civia are Paradores located in the city or in your immediate environment that you are looking for or in which you will find everything you need, be Whatever the purpose of your visit remember.

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